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Region VI 2015 CRC

Technical Session #1 - Tracks 1 and 2

Lead-off Speaker, Julian R. de Bullet (DL)
Sustainability – Walk through History
Brief review of past 35-40 years of HVAC system design and/or operational issues

Demand Side

  • 70's Energy Crisis
  • IAQ Issues
  • ASHRAE leads with new Standards for IAQ and Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Global Warming Issues
  • LEED certification
  • Thermal Storage and off-peak storage
Supply Side
  • 70's Energy Crisis
  • Energy Mandates in form of EPA Regulations
  • Global Warming Issues
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Mercury & Air Toxicity Standards
  • Coal Conversion projects
  • Clean Energy Production
Challenge the next generation to continue down the path of Tatal Sustainablility on both DEMAND and SUPPLY side economies.

Technical Session #2A - Track 1

Supply Side Energy Production, Jennifer McIvor, MidAmerican Energy

  • Environmental Regulations in Power Generation
  • Carbon Constrained Future
  • EPA guidelines – Performance Standards
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Emission Standards for CO2
  • Coal Ash Rules
  • Mercury & Air Toxicity
  • Clean Air Act
  • Coal Conversion Projects

Technical Session #2B - Track 2

Demand Side Energy Consumption, Jeff Boldt, KJWW Engineering Consultants

  • Standard 90.1-2010 vs 2013
  • Energy Consumption - Buildings
  • Enhanced Energy Reduction
  • Energy Design Guides
  • Possible Net Zero Buildings

Technical Session #3A - Track 1

Wind Energy in Iowa, Adam Wright, MidAmerican Energy

  • Time Lapse Wind Farm Construction
  • Infrastructure required to support Wind
  • History of Wind Generation projects 2004-2015
  • Financial Summary (MAE)
    • Federal Production Credits
      • Berkshire Hathaway Energy
      • 3,500 MW Wind Production total
      • No production cost passed onto customers

Technical Session #3B - Track 2

Energy Modeling vs Verification, Julia Gauthier and Ryan Schwartz, Weidt Group

  • MAE Track 5 – 2 yr after Const completion
  • Actual Energy Consump / EnergyModelCalc
  • Operational issues – building usage
  • Additional incentives – enhanced savings
  • Equipment usage vs consumption
  • Re-commission buildings
  • Building Energy Quotient (BEQ)
  • Where do we go from here w/ Energy usage?

Technical Session #4 - Tracks 1 and 2

Tom Watson, Past President, ASHRAE
  • After a complete summary of the past 35-40 years in HVAC
    • Where have we been?
    • Where are we going?
    • Can the entire industry be Sustainable both on the DEMAND & SUPPLY side?
    • ASHRAE continues to lead with new and better standards throughout the industry
    • Can the next generation carry the torch forward to move us into total sustainability?
    • Bridge The Gap – inspire to make it happen

    Thank you to this year's sponsors.