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November Meeting

November 1st Program
Crawford Brew Works
3659 Devils Glen Rd.
Bettendorf, IA 52722

Program: Chiller Optimization - Oscar Peraza
Speaker:Oscar Peraza graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduating from TAMU in 1988, Oscar went to work as a Sales Engineer for York International in its Houston office. He served as an Executive Sales Engineer for York and Senior Account Executive for JCI for twenty-eight (28) years. For a brief stint within that time (1994 through 1998), he served as Manager of Agent Sales for York's Southwest Region.

Oscar's experience led him to focus on, and serve, a select group of clients that allowed him to specialize on the application and sales of chillers. Twenty-eight years of specializing in chillers led him to his current position with JCI, as the Regional Product Manager for York Chillers in JCI's West Region. Oscar is now in his 31st year with York/ JCI.

How do design decisions made during the Design/Development phase impact overall chiller system efficiency? We will look at how chilled water and condenser water temperatures affect, not only chiller efficiency, but overall system efficiencies. We will expand on how variable speed chillers behave as temperature and flow rates vary. Additionally, the speaker will discuss how chillers and heat pumps can be successfully integrated into thermal storage and geothermal systems to assist in greatly exceeding the ASHRAE 189.1 High Performance Green Building Standard. Finally, we will expound on how oil-free magnetic bearing VSD compressor technology is optimized around the new low-GWP refrigerant, HFO-1233zd.

Agenda: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Program, Meeting, Dinner

Please register for this meeting by October 29th 2018.

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An entry fee of $20 will be accepted for all non-members.